Peoples personal and commercial relationships encompass a myriad of situations that may lead to disagreement and disputation.

The aim should be to resolve the areas of differences by seeking advice at the early stages before the one or other of the parties escalate to litigation.

Most disputes can be resolved with goodwill and cool heads, however in some cases notwithstanding such goodwill, litigation becomes inevitable.

The civil nature of personal and/or business relationships in many cases are governed by the large range of Laws made by our Parliaments.

In such cases, a Lawyers advice and representation may be needed to assist a party to reach a suitable outcome or to go forward to Trial. Individual differences, partnership matters or a commercial corporate disputes may end in litigation.

Whether you need representation and advice to commence proceedings or to respond in defending them, the practice is able to assist and represent through all stages of the process to Trial.

Additional advice and for difficult complex matters, experienced Barristers can be briefed to represent you at all stages of the Action.

The practice provides advice and representation in a range of personal and business dealings:-

  • Torts
  • Real Estate and Property Law
  • Corporation Law
  • Partnerships
  • Leasing
  • Commercial Contracts and advice